Quick Answer: What phones are compatible with Android Auto?

Quick Answer: What phones are compatible with Android Auto?

What phones can run Android Auto?

Wireless Android Auto is supported Any phone running Android 11 or newer with built-in 5GHz WiFi.


  • Galaxy S8 / S8+
  • Galaxy S9/S9+
  • Galaxy S10/S10+
  • Galaxy Note 8.
  • Galaxy Note 9.
  • Galaxy Note 10.

Why isn’t my phone compatible with Android Auto?

It seems to be an issue with Google’s Android operating system. To fix the “Your device is not compatible with this version” error message, Try clearing Google Play Store cache and then data. Next, restart the Google Play Store and try installing the app again.

Does Android Auto work on all Android phones?

Android Auto works with most Android phones. The main requirement is that the phone is running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer. While Android Auto works on Lollipop, Google recommends Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) for best performance.

Does my phone have Android Auto?

A compatible Android phone with an active data plan, 5GHz WiFi support and the latest version of the Android Auto app. … Any phone running Android 11.0. A Google or Samsung phone running Android 10.0. A Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ or Note 8 running Android 9.0.

Which phone is best for Android Auto?

The 8 best phones compatible with Android Auto

  1. Google Pixel. This first-generation Google Pixel smartphone. …
  2. Google Pixel XL. Like the Pixel, the Pixel XL was hailed as one of the top-rated smartphone cameras of 2016. …
  3. Google Pixel 2. …
  4. Google Pixel 2 XL. …
  5. Google Pixel 3. …
  6. Google Pixel 3XL. …
  7. Nexus 5X. …
  8. Nexus 6P.

Does Android Auto only work with USB?

Yes, you can use Android Auto without a USB cable, by enabling wireless mode in the Android Auto app. It’s normal these days that you don’t care about wired Android Auto. Forget your car’s USB port and old-fashioned wired connection.

How can I install the car app in Android?

To see what’s available and install apps you don’t already have, Swipe right or tap the menu button, then select Apps for Android Auto.

Will Android Auto ever be wireless?

Wireless Android Auto works via a 5 GHz WiFi connection and requires both your car’s head unit and your smartphone to support Wi-Fi Direct over the 5GHz frequency. … If your phone or car isn’t compatible with wireless Android Auto, you’ll need to run it over a wired connection.

Can you use Google Maps with Android Auto?

You can use Android Auto Get voice guided navigation, estimated arrival times, live traffic information, lane guidance and more with Google Maps. Tell Android Auto where you want to go. Some examples of things you might say are: … “Navigate to work.”

Can I use Android Auto with Bluetooth?

Android Auto’s wireless mode doesn’t work over Bluetooth like phone calls and media streaming. There isn’t nearly enough bandwidth in Bluetooth to run Android Auto, so the feature used Wi-Fi to communicate with the display.

Is Android Auto worth it?

The biggest advantage of Android Auto is that the Apps (and navigation maps) are regularly updated to include new developments and data. Even brand new roads are included in the mapping and apps like Waze can even warn of speed traps and potholes.


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