Realme Watch 2 Pro, Pocket Speaker, and Other Accessories to Launch on May 20

Realme Watch 2 Pro to launch on May 20 feat.

After launching the second-generation Realme Watch in Malaysia last month, Realme has now announced its plans to introduce its Pro variant. The company recently released an official banner about its AIoT Sports Launch virtual event on May 20. Realme will launch the Realme Watch 2 Pro with a larger battery and a host of other audio accessories at the event in Malaysia.

The banner, which was recently posted on Realme’s official Facebook identifier, shows the upcoming Watch 2 Pro, a pair of wireless neckband headphones (Realme Buds Wireless 2 and Buds Wireless 2 Neo) and a small Bluetooth speaker from pocket.

Realme Watch 2 Pro will launch on May 20

Realme Watch 2 Pro

Starting with the Realme Watch 2 Pro, the smart device will feature a square-shaped dial like its predecessor. However, according to a leaked FCC certification, the device will pack a 390 mAh battery larger than the 315 mAh unit in the non-Pro variant. Other than this, we don’t know much about it, for now. However, we expect it to have similar functionalities and features as the Realme Watch 2.

Realme Watch 2 Pro will launch on May 20

Realme Buds Wireless 2

Coming to the Realme Buds Wireless 2, it will be the successor to the Realme Buds Wireless that launched in 2019. Following the image on the official banner, it will feature a design around the neck, which is similar to its predecessor.

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

Along with Buds Wireless 2, Realme has also announced the launch of Buds Wireless 2 Neo in Malaysia later this week. The company has already thrown out the Buds Wireless 2 Neo in Srilanka. The portable device comes with 11.2mm drivers and a neckband design.

Realme Watch 2 Pro will launch on May 20

It has Bluetooth 5.0, an IPX4 rating for water resistance, and a 150 mAh battery that can deliver up to 17 hours of battery life. You can check the full specifications in the link above.

Realme Pocket Bluetooth Speaker

Lastly, Realme will launch a pocket-sized Bluetooth speaker. Based on the banner image, the portable speaker will feature a lozenge-shaped design and string for easy portability.

Realme Watch 2 Pro will launch on May 20

So, these are the next Realme products to be launched in Malaysia on May 20. The AIot Sports launch event will be streamed live on Realme’s Facebook page starting at 12pm Malaysian time. That means the event will start at 9:30 AM here in India.

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