Samsung Showcases Its First Bi-Foldable Display

Samsung first bi fold display 1

Samsung is one of the leading and most trusted manufacturers of display panels. We’ve seen the Korean giant provide some of the best displays on the market, including OLED and foldable displays, to companies like Apple and Xiaomi. At SDI 2021, Samsung has teased that it is developing its first “multi-fold” display.

Samsung Display, the Korean giant’s screen manufacturing division, introduced three new types of display panels at the virtual exhibition Display Week 2021. Among these, the company showed its first bi-folding screen that comes with a two-part folding design. . Samsung calls it the OLED S-Foldable panel.

New Samsung display panels

Now, since Samsung introduced its first Galaxy Fold device in 2018, the company introduced several foldable devices on the market. However, none of them have a multi-fold design. So showing a foldable OLED panel on S suggests that Samsung is finally working on a bi-foldable Galaxy device, which could be part of its foldable product line for this year.

In addition to the bi-folding panel, Samsung Display also showed off two other display prototypes, including a slide-out display panel and a large 17-inch panel with a hinge to allow you to fold the device in half. The teaser video also showed a laptop OLED screen with an under-screen camera. The sliding screen does not come with pleats and it slides horizontally from the right side to extend the size of the screen.

Samsung first bi fold display 2
Image courtesy: Samsung Display

On the other hand, the 17-inch folding panel comes with a 4: 3 screen ratio when unfolded and is a very good option for tablets and other portable devices with large screens.

Lastly, Samsung showed off a display panel that has a camera under the display. The panel has no pleats or sliding mechanism and is designed for future portable devices. The Under Panel Camera (UPC), which was first shown earlier this year, is located at the top and below the display. This allows for a true edge-to-edge display with almost zero bezels.

So overall, these display panels show future Samsung devices and their form factors. We may see the company introduce at least one product with these new display panels later this year. You can check out the official promotion of Samsung’s display technologies right here:

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