Schools of Hindu law [2022]

Schools of Hindu law

Schools of Hindu law are viewed as the analyses and the digestives of the smritis. These schools have enlarged the extent of Hindu law and unequivocally added to its turn of events. 

The two significant schools of Hindu law are as per the following- 

  • Mitakshara 
  • Daya Bhaga

Mitakshara School

Mitakshara is quite possibly the main school of Hindu law. It is a lawful deal on the legacy. It was composed by Vijneshswara, a researcher. It got quite possibly the most powerful messages in Hindu Law and its chief concerning property circulation, property rights and progression are still is material in the entire piece of India besides in West Bengal and Assam. The Mitakshara has an extremely wide ward. It is a running editorial on the code of Yajnavalkya Smriti. Anyway, various pieces of the nation specialize in legal matters distinctively due to the diverse standard principles followed by them. 

Highlights of Mitakshara School of Law: 

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Rights in the Joint Family property is obtained by birth. 

When in doubt, females have no privileges of progression to the family property. 

The privilege of the property passes by sponsorship to the next male (Karta) male individuals from the family. 

Mitakshara is additionally separated into five sub-schools to be specific 

  1. Benaras Hindu graduate school 
  2. Mithila graduate school 
  3. Maharashtra graduate school 
  4. Punjab graduate school 
  5. Dravida or madras graduate school 

These graduate schools go under the ambit of Mitakshara graduate school. They appreciate a similar basic rule however vary in specific conditions. 


It covers Northern India including Orissa, South Bihar, and a few pieces of Madhya Pradesh. Viramitrodaya Nirnyasindhu vivada is a portion of its significant analyses. 


This graduate school goes under the authority of the regional pieces of Tirhoot and North Bihar. The standards of the graduate school win in the north. The significant discourses of Mithila graduate school are Vivadaratnakar, Vivadachintamani, Smritsara. 


The Maharashtra graduate school has the power to practice its purview over the regional parts including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and few pieces of Andhra Pradesh. The fundamental specialists of these schools are Vyavhara Mayukha, Virmitrodaya, and so on 


This graduate school has the power to practice its ward over the southern piece of India like Mysore, Kerala, and Madras. The fundamental specialists of this school are Smriti Chandrika, the Saraswati Vilasa, the Vyavahara Nirnaya, and the Parashara Madhviya. 


This school reaches out to the region of Punjab, Rajasthan, and Jammu and Kashmir. It had set up its traditions and conventions. The primary discourses of this school are Viramitrodaya and it set up traditions. 

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Dayabhaga Law School

 Dayabhaga school won in Assam and West Bengal. This is additionally quite possibly the main schools of Hindu laws. It is viewed as an overview of the main smritis. Its essential center was to manage parcel, legacy, and joint family. As per Kane, it was joined in the middle of 1090-1130 A.D. The Dayabhaga school is viewed as the dissenter school of the old Benaras school. It was composed by Jimutavahana and has a lot affected the Hindu Civil Code of Modern India. 

Dayabhaga is a critique of a particular work, yet a condensation of the relative multitude of codes. The Dayabhaga School puts together its law of progression concerning the standard of strict viability or otherworldly advantage. It implies that the person who presents more strict advantages on the expired is qualified for legacy in inclination to the other people who give less advantage. The quick advantage of this new condensation is that it will in general eliminate all the deficiencies and limits of the recently settled standards and consideration of numerous cognates in the rundown of beneficiaries, which was confined by the Mitakshara school. 

Highlights of Dayabhaga School: 

Rights in the joint family, property are needed by legacy or by will. 

Females have directly in the property. 

Portions of an expired male part go to his widow in default of a shut beneficiary 

In Dayabhaga school different editorials were followed, for example, 

  1. Dayatatya 
  2. Dayakram-sangrah 
  3. Virmitrodaya 
  4. Dattaka Chandrika

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