5+ Similar Websites Like Theebookhunter.com [Alternatives]

The theebookhunter.com the search engine for free ebooks is the best place to start if you are looking for the best alternatives similar to theebookhunter.com.

The biggest part of the theebookhunter book catalog comes from the open-source project – the only difference is that the ebookee website seems to contain a slightly bigger collection. It works more or less the same way as the ebookhunter search engine: just enter the name of the book you are looking for and the ebook will be found.

Why is theebookhunter down

Theebookhunter.net is a site that indexes ebooks from various websites and allows users to search for and download free books in the EPUB and MOBI file formats. It also provides RSS feeds for recent uploads by participating sites (such as Project Gutenberg). The main domain of the site has been down since July 14th, 2014, with the last cached version available on July 6th.

So, Why is theebookhunter down? There are many reasons for that, but if you want to get more detailed information, simply continue reading this article.

The main reason for The ebook hunter shutting down was the arrest of its owner by Interpol agents in Greece back in 2011. The Greek police seized computers and several digital items from the home of Konstantinos Komaitis, a 38-year-old unemployed electrical engineer who ran the site out of his apartment in Athens.

Theebookhunter was a great website for all bookworms that don’t want to pay a dime for their favorite books or just wanted to read books online. Unfortunately, this site is now closed and there are no chances to see it back again.

Theebookhunter.com alternatives

Alternatives similar to the theebookhunter.com


theebookee.net is a website that works on the same basic principle as theebookhunter.com, but it does not index links to new titles for free.

theebookhunters.blogspot.co.uk is another great site with long lists of ebook links all categorized by genre and many different tags like sci-fi or thrillers. ebookee website focuses more on the English language, there are some Italian and Spanish texts present too. The download speed of the site is good enough, the theebookhunter similar site is easy to use and the privacy policy is fine.

You can use the ebookee website to download the best theebookhunter alternative with just a few clicks, without any hassle. It is free, fast and really good.

The good: The ebookee site is the theebookhunter alternative for the English books.

The bad: There are not so many the theebookhunter alternatives to choose from, the design might be improved and the Italian texts are really poor.

6/10 stars – the ebookee site is good but there is a better ebook than the theebookhunter alternatives out there.


Alternative to theebookhunter.com that also allows you to download ebooks for free books in pdf, epub, and Kindle formats using links to external sources like google drive or Mediafire. Can’t find any alternatives for Mobi (kindle) format novels, but you can use sites like [ https://the4k.org/ebooks](the4k.org/ebooks) to convert them (instructions can be found on the site).

Sites like Theebookhunter.com

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NOTICE: Libgen might get shut down like theebookhunter.com, so I advise using one of these alternatives instead:

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