This Wristband Lets You Play Music Using Body Movements in Real-Time

Mictic music wristbands feat.

While there are a ton of unique and innovative products listed on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, sometimes there are products that look like something out of 2060! Mictic is one such product, developed by a Zurich-based tech startup, and it translates your gestures and body movements and turns them into music in real time.

It is essentially a pair of bracelets that connects to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and then creates music that matches your body movements. with this you can play air instruments or compose a track if you wish.

“We have packed centuries of Swiss engineering into Mictic and ushered it into the digital age. And they are the first portable device that is a true musical instrument and not just a controller for Midi or other interfaces. “ Mictic says.

How does it work?

The wristbands send a ton of data from the multi-access accelerometer to the companion app on Android and iOS. The application then uses the data to determine which sounds to play. Portable devices have four sound patches or modes set.

In the first mode, it generates robotic noises that allow you to create soundtracks for your sci-fi short film or perhaps a robot dance you just choreographed. The second mode has to do with rhythms, as this mode spits out bass and drum riffs. The third mode allows you to play the piano and the fourth is the cellular instrument.

The bracelets feature 24ms latency and 4 hours of battery life and the good news is that you don’t even have to possess any skills when it comes to musical instruments to create some soundtracks with this device.

“Our mission is to give everyone the power to express themselves no matter what type of music they enjoy, and whether they are already Grammy winners or have not had any training. Mictic can be used for any age range and you don’t really have to be a musician to enjoy it. “ added the company.

Price and availability

Regarding availability, the company is currently in operation a Kickstarter campaign. It has already raised over $ 25,000 from 185 backers, as of this writing. So if you want a couple of Mictic bands for yourself, you can back the project with CHF 89 (~ Rs 7,221) to pre-reserve the portable device. The company will begin shipping the orders from September 2021.

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