Truecaller Adds a Dedicated COVID-19 Healthcare Directory

Truecaller Adds a COVID 19 Healthcare Directory feat.1

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in India, we are witnessing several companies step up to help the country fight the current crisis. So, following Google’s massive donation to India and Apple’s promise to donate resources, Truecaller has launched a new feature in its app to help users quickly find the phone numbers and addresses of nearby hospitals.

Now, for the uninitiated, India has been suffering from one of the worst waves of the Coronavirus. As a result, cases continue to rise and shortages of oxygen, medical supplies, and COVID-19 resources continue. Also, in times of emergency, citizens find it difficult to get the relevant contact numbers of nearby hospitals offering COVID treatment.

Truecaller COVID-19 Healthcare Directory

In light of the situation, Truecaller has officially announced a dedicated COVID healthcare directory for your application in India. The company says the new COVID Healthcare Directory help users quickly obtain addresses and contact numbers for COVID-19 designated hospitals in various states of the country.

The new directory resides within the Truecaller menu and users can also access it from the bookmark. The Health Care Directory, according to Truecaller, is created from government data of official origin. Additionally, users can search the directory using the handy search button at the top to instantly get the contact number or address of a particular hospital. Also, Truecaller will update the directory every day to keep it relevant.

Truecaller Adds COVID-19 Healthcare Directory
Image Courtesy: Truecaller

However, the company cautions that although the directory contains the phone numbers and addresses of the hospitals, it does not mean that beds are available at these listed medical centers.

Now, coming to the availability of the new Healthcare Directory on Truecaller, the new Currently, the feature is only available in the beta version. of the application on Android. The company says that it will be released to all Android users very soon. For iOS users, on the other hand, there are no details on the availability of the feature.

However, you can check out our detailed list of COVID-19 resources in India, which we update regularly. Also, since the third phase of the vaccination campaign for all citizens over the age of 18 begins on May 1, you can register for vaccination right now. If you want to learn how to register for COVID-19 vaccination in India, check out our linked guide.

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