How To Watch Eurosport Player on Apple TV?

I know you may be asking yourself if you can watch Eurosport on Apple TV. The answer is Yes, you can. You, however, must have an account that is registered and already subscribed to the Eurosport Pass.

After downloading the app, you can easily make the purchase from the TV. Using a computer is a convenient way of purchasing and registering the subscription. It will be effortless to access the account by just logging in Eurosport Player App on the TV.

If you select the Mobile App Store subscription, you will control your subscription and billing from the Apple or Google App Store directly. It is, however, available on the screen because of the AirPlay and Chromecast. Below are the steps that will help you use the app on Apple TV.

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Steps To Watch Eurosport on Apple TV


The good news is that anyone can download this application on their Apple TV 4 and Apple 4K. But, whereas in the previous versions, such as Apple TV 3, 2, and 1 are not eligible to access the Eurosport App because there is no support from the App Store.

You can easily control the subscription within the app. You are not supposed to visit the site in order for you to cancel or the subscription. The following are the steps you need to undertake.

Method 1: Using Eurosports App.

Step 1: Open Apple Tv and Connect with Internet.

Step 2: Open App store.

Step 3: In search Bar, Type ‘Eurosport’s’.

Step 4: Open the app description and Tap Install.

Step 5: It will be installed automatically.

Step 6: Now open the app and Sign-in with your credential.

Step 7: Boom!! You are all set to enjoy.

Method 2: Using Screen Cast.

There is another method that you can apply without installing the application. The method involves using the Airplay feature. The following are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Connect your Apple Tv and Smartphone with the same wi-fi.

Step 2: Open the Eurosport app on smartphone.

Step 3: You will get a Casting option.

Step 4: Select it and Choose your Tv.

Step 5: Wait for 5 seconds and you will be connected.

Step 6: Now play any Video on your smartphone and that same will be played on TV.


This article is about How to watch Eurosport on your Apple TV. We have included some easy steps and multiple methods that you can try, in case anyone of them stop not working for you. Hope this article helped you, if it does bookmark our page for future update and allow notification for latest Tech Update.

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