What is FYP?

 what is fyp
What is FYP

“Fixed Your Post.” – Twitter

The abbreviation FYP has varied traditional implications. the subsequent square measure most likely the foremost widely known. (The projected importance can, for the foremost half, be obvious from setting.)
During this distinctive circumstance, it’s composed by a consumer once re-posting Associate in the Nursing adaptation of another person’s post or remark, however, altered to regulate the post to their own sentiment.
On Twitter, it’s often found in structure #FYP (i.e., with a hashtag). (See model beneath.)
For You Page
TikTok is Here for various TikTokers endeavor to induce a video of themselves on the #FYP (or #ForYouPage), as these outcomes in additional views, more likes, and (most likely) additional adherents.
Tips for jumping on the #FYP include: guaranteeing the video quality (particularly lighting) is suitable, utilizing it.
FYP hashtag, creating a video important to a sloping hashtag, guaranteeing the experience being flaunted is high caliber or one amongst a sort, and pull in remarks from watchers. (See model to a lower place.)
Five Year set up” in an exceedingly business setting, FYP, as a rule, signifies the “Five Year set up.” during this
the specific state of affairs, Associate in Nursingd FYP sets out an organization’s points and goals for the subsequent
5 years. 

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Final Year Project 

In Associate in Nursing instructive setting, FYP signifies the “Final Year Project.” This typically alludes to the ultimate year in Associate in Nursing collegian program college in school or school.

In short :

Fixed your post – twitter
For your page – Tik-Tok

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