What is KLMS Agent on your Samsung Phone

Have you heard about the KLMS agent on your Samsung phone? This is basically a part of the Secure Android Platform of Samsung which is known as KNOX. It is software that is effectuated by the system which helps in averting unauthorized access to the system. This helps in providing protection, privacy, and productivity for work-related documents on your Samsung phone. In case you lose your device or it got stolen, the agent will help in locking your device or finding it even.

What is KLMS Agent on your Samsung Phone
KLMS Agent

Features of KLMS agent ?‍♂️

To know about KLMS agent, let us discuss its features below in details:

  • Software Integrity
  • Least Privilege
  • Data Storage Protection
  • Network Protection

Software integrity

This feature helps in identifying and blocking the scamming websites to safeguard the data on your device. This happens when your device has preinstalled software which are installed from unknown sources and not from trusted sources that try to make changes on your device.

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Least privilege

This feature is helpful in ensuring the minimum number of resources to be used by the software for maintaining the security of the device to prevent it from attacks.

Data storage protection

This feature of the KLMS agent helps in securing your personal data on your device like images, contact numbers, emails, etc. from the attacks by encrypting data in a way that it can’t be changed by anyone.

Network protection

The possibility of getting your data hacked increases if it travels through the Bluetooth, cellular data or WiFi. KLMS agent provides security against it to protect your data.

Is it safe to remove KLMS Agent?

As discussed above in this article, KLMS agent helps in securing overall documents on your device but you can remove or disable it if you wish. KNOX is always confused with virus but it is not. It is totally a user’s choice to disable or uninstall but removing KLMS agent may increases to exposure towards risk of attacks and scam. Since it protects your personal and work related data, it is better not to remove the KLMS agent and use your device more freely without risk of getting hacked.

SKMS Agent

Samsung KMS (Samsung Knowledge Management) or SKMS agent is an app built internally in android system. This feature usually comes in Samsung smartphones. This helps supporting eSE mobile NFC services. This agent is basically a composition of several tools and database that is used in managing knowledge and informations.

What is KNOX app?

Samsung KNOX app is a security solution that provides a secure surrounding for apps and data for the Galaxy devices. This helps in securing and protecting personal and work-related privacy from third party to provide safety against falling your data into the wrong hands. It is built into hardware as well as software of the latest Samsung devices. This feature is built at the manufacturing stage of Samsung devices. It verifies the integrity of Samsung devices through a security chain to ensure data security and also detects any risk to device security.

What is KLMS Agent on your Samsung Phone


Here was a short tutorial on What is KLMS agent and what is its use in your Samsung device. I hope you liked it. Do let us know in the comments if you have confusion regarding this. Keep sharing it with your friends who wants to know about it. Keep reading!

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