What Station Is Klove In Indiana?

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Listen to free internet radio broadcasts on TuneIn: K-LOVE Radio, WKLU 101.9 FM, Indianapolis, IN.

When did K-Love start?

the 1980s K-Love was initially broadcast from a lone radio station in 1980 under the call sign KCLB. Middletown, California was the location of the world’s first 24-hour contemporary Christian music radio station, which was established by radio personality Bob Anthony.

Where is K-LOVE radio located?

Since 2010, K-LOVE began broadcasting in Dayton, Ohio (on WKCD, formerly known as WCDR), Jacksonville, Florida (on WCRJ), Knoxville, Tennessee (on WYLV, formerly known as WDLF), Salt Lake City (on KKAT ), Stockton, California, San Francisco, California (on KLVS), San Diego, California, Camden, New Jersey, and Detroit, Michigan (on WDKL 102.7 FM). Also, k.

What are the K-Love stations in Alabama?

A List of Stations Playing K-Love Call Sign Frequency Notasulga Auburn W241AI Gorgas City of License Broadcast Market W212AP 90.3 Gorgas 96.1 Notasulga WMJJ-HD3 96.5 Birmingham KRLE 89.7 Carbon Hill Carbon Hill 55 Row Plus Birmingham WMJJ-HD3 96.5 Birmingham

What does K-Love mean?

Kevin Love is a name commonly associated with the sport of basketball. K-LOVE is a contemporary Christian music radio streaming service in the United States that is run by the Educational Media Foundation. The name of the station has the style K-LOVE (EMF).

What is the local station of K-LOVE?

A list of stations playing K-Love

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call sign Frequency transmission area
W241AI 96.1 birmingham
WMJJ-HD3 96.5-3 birmingham
krle 89.7 carbon hill
WLGQ 91.5 Gadsden


What frequency is K-LOVE on?

K-LOVE 107.5 FM.

What is K-LOVE on the radio?

K-Love is a contemporary Christian music broadcasting service in the United States that is managed by the Educational Media Foundation. The name of the station has the style K-LOVE (EMF).

What happened to K-LOVE radio?

Relocation to the Nashville region is planned for the parent business of Christian radio stations K-LOVE and Air1. The parent company of contemporary Christian radio networks K-LOVE and Air1, Educational Media Foundation, is moving its world headquarters to the Nashville region.

Is K-LOVE closing down?

The K-Love Classics broadcast ended on November 2, 2020.

Are Air One and K-LOVE the same?

In 1982, the Educational Media Foundation (EMF), which is now the parent company of K-LOVE and Air1, the two largest contemporary Christian radio networks in the United States, was a single nonprofit radio station in North Of California. Today, EMF is the parent company of both networks.

Is K-Love on XM Radio?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to hear us on Sirius XM, but you can hear us on FM radio!

What radio station is K-Love in Tennessee?

Listen to free internet radio broadcasts on TuneIn: K-LOVE Radio, WLVU 97.1 FM, Nashville, Tennessee.

What station is K-Love in Ohio?

TuneIn offers free online listening to K-LOVE Radio, broadcasting from WKCD 90.3 FM in Cedarville, Ohio.

How can I listen to K-LOVE radio?

You can access K-LOVE on iHeartRadio to listen online, or you can download the iHeartRadio app to listen in your vehicle.

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Is there a K-LOVE app?

Your K-LOVE app has just been updated to include revolutionary new capabilities, as well as sporting a more modern design and feel. Check out some of the new content that has been added and download it right away for a good and uplifting experience!

Can I listen to K-LOVE online?

Online Radio Box offers a live broadcast of K-LOVE Radio on 89.3 MHz FM from Winchester, in the United States. The video player is preparing to play.

Where is K-LOVE radio?

The United States location of the headquarters of the broadcast media company known as the K-Love Radio Network is listed as 5700 W OAKS BLVD in Rocklin, California.


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