When Is Duck Hunting Season In Louisiana?

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  1. During the regular season, which runs from November 14 to December 6 and from December 19 to January 24, respectively
  2. Specific for young people: November 7 and January 30
  3. Veterans Exclusive: November 8 and January 31

Vagrant and migratory bird seasons

Migratory Game Bird Calendar 2021-2022
Ducks, coots and mergansers East Side: November 13 (Youth & Veterans Only) November 20 – December 5 December 18 – January 30 February 5 (Youth & Veterans Only) West Zone: November 6 and 7 (only youth and veterans) November 13 to December 5 December 18 to January 2 January 10 to 30

What do I need to know before duck hunting in Louisiana?

Important Information Before You Depart The months of September through January are duck hunting season. Always check with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for the latest information, as well as the most up-to-date hunting seasons. They will also have complete maps, along with all necessary documents and licenses that are up to date.

What is hunting season like in Louisiana?

Hunting season in Louisiana provides opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities. Hunting opportunities for migratory birds are some of the best in the country, and Louisiana white-tailed deer generally have trophy racks that are suitable for display on mantelpieces. The state of Louisiana also offers an alligator hunt that is quite comprehensive.


Where is the best place for Duck Hunt in Louisiana?

According to a survey conducted by Ducks Unlimited, wetland regions in Louisiana support an average of more than 9 million wintering and migratory ducks. Ducks Unlimited highly recommends hunting the Chenier Plain in southwestern Louisiana for some of the best southern duck hunting in the state, also known as Coastal Zone hunting, which is the name given to this region by the Department of Wildlife. Wild and Fishing.

What are the new waterfowl hunting areas in Louisiana?

A new West Zone has been created as a result of the revised boundaries, linking the existing West Zone to the Coastal Zone and also including a portion of the Southwest Louisiana rice-growing region. The new waterfowl hunting regulations will go into effect for the 2021-22 season and will remain in effect through the 2025-26 season.

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When can you duck hunt in Louisiana?


Species season dates possession limits
ducks coots mergansers Coastal Zone Nov 7 to Dec 6 Dec 19 to Jan 24 Western Zone Nov 14 to Dec 6 Dec 19 to Jan 31 Eastern Zone Nov 21 to Dec 6 Dec 19 to Jan 17 3 times the daily baggage allowance

What hunting season is it now in Louisiana?

There are ten different hunting regions in Louisiana, and each one has its own set of laws and dates. Deer hunting seasons in Louisiana.

Archery September 18-February 15**
Muzzleloaders/primitive firearms October 9 to January 31**
Guns, not dogs Oct. 16-Jan. 23**
Firearms, with or without dogs Nov 29-Jan 23**
Honorably Discharged Youth and Veterans October 9 to November 5**

What are the areas for duck hunting in Louisiana?

The following boundaries shall serve as the dividing line between the Northern Pigeon Hunting Zone and the Southern Pigeon Hunting Zone: Beginning at Louisiana State Highway 12 at the Texas-Louisiana state line; continuing east along Louisiana State Highway 12 to its intersection with United States Highway 190; continuing east on US Highway 190 to its intersection with Interstate 12; continuing east on Interstate 12 to its intersection with Interstate 10; and then returning to the starting point.

What season is duck hunting?

Regulation for 2021 and 2022

Southern San Joaquin Valley only ducks October 23 – January 31 and February 5 and 6, February 19 and 20, February 26 and 27
Southern California area Same as regular season October 23 – January 31 and February 5 and 6, February 19 and 20, February 26 and 27
Colorado River area only ducks October 23 – January 31 and February 1 – 4

Can you fatten ducks in Louisiana?

Following the rule in its current form makes it very easy to avoid baits. After you have REMOVED all the bait, you must wait ten days before you are allowed to hunt it again. Why would ducks continue to visit an illegal food source (bait) after WLF has verified that all food has been removed (for at least 10 days)? If this is the case, WLF should be contacted immediately.

Why are there no ducks in Louisiana?

The number of ducks migrating through Louisiana is declining, and some regions that had had healthy populations for a period of years now have almost none. According to Reynolds, the drop can be attributed to a number of factors, including changing weather patterns, agricultural activities, the reduction of available habitat, and the development of exotic aquatic plant species.

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Can you hunt hogs at night in Louisiana?

On private property, only the owner, their tenant, or their agent with the owner’s written permission and contact information in their possession may collect wild hogs at night year-round (one-half hour after sunset). official sun for half an hour before official sunrise).

How much does a hunting license cost in Louisiana?

Licenses, permits and tags for the sport of hunting

Type of license/permit Resident, Military and Student Rate Non-resident 5 days
Basic hunting (mandatory for all hunters) $20 $65
Deer (includes archery and primitive privileges and deer tags; required for all deer hunters in addition to Basic Hunting) $15 $35

Is it legal to hunt rabbits at night in Louisiana?

In June, Governor John Bel Edwards signed a new rule (Act 175 of the 2020 Regular Legislative Session), which authorizes the taking of these creatures during the night hours without the need for a permit.

What is the fine for fattening ducks in Louisiana?

There is a fifty dollar fine for hunting without a valid license. For hunting in a baited area, each man can face a penalty of up to $950 and up to 180 days in jail. In addition, they could be fined an additional $160 for the replacement value of the ducks that were taken illegally.

Do you need a state duck stamp in Louisiana?

Even waterfowl hunters who are not required to acquire a license must have a federal duck stamp if they are 16 years of age or older and hunt waterfowl in the United States. Hunters in Louisiana who are interested in purchasing a federal duck stamp can do so as follows: through the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fish (LDWF) through one of our license dealers, through our system license online or by calling 877-447-1318. The cost of the stamp is $27.22.

Can you scare the geese in Louisiana?

As a direct result of the concern shown by hunters and anglers, the Louisiana Fish and Wildlife Commission passed a law that made creeping illegal as a method of capturing goose.

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Can you duck hunt in February?

Goose Hunting Later in the Season Daily and possession limitations for this season are in effect. Beginning February 6 and running through March 10, hunters can look for snow geese and white-fronted geese during the late-season hunt. Daily and possession limitations for this season are in effect.

Which state has the longest duck season?

Although there is a good chance there will be fewer ducks overall, the state of Utah has once again recommended that it should have one of the longest waterfowl hunting seasons in the United States. This time, it’s a full, continuous 107-day duck season that lasts most of the winter.

Why is the duck season divided?

In most years, sixty days is not enough time to do what needs to be done. The goal of season splitting is to help alleviate that difficulty by allowing duck season to run five days later without using up the allotted 60 days of hunting season.


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