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The American city of Decatur can be found in the Root and Washington townships of Adams County in the state of Indiana. The largest settlement in Adams County is located here, making it the county seat. Adams Memorial Hospital, located in Decatur, was ranked as one of the ‘Top 100’ critical access hospitals in the United States.

  1. This honor was given to the facility due to its high level of patient care.
  2. According to the census completed in 2010, Decatur’s population was 9,405.

Where is Decatur Township, Indiana?

The municipality of Decatur is located in Marion County, Indiana, in the United States, and is a component of the city of Indianapolis. It is one of nine municipalities that make up the county. According to the census completed in 2010, the population was 32,388.

What is the meaning of Decatur?

The American city of Decatur can be found in the Root and Washington townships of Adams County in the state of Indiana. The city was named after the great military hero Stephen Decatur, Jr., who was one of the captains of the original six frigates in the United States Navy. Adams County, of which the city is the county seat, was named after Decatur.

What is the county seat of Decatur County?

Greensburg is the administrative center of Decatur County. There are about 25,000 people who reside in Decatur County, and Greensburg is home to about 11,000 of those residents.

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What towns are near Decatur Indiana?

  1. Bluffton, Indiana and Decatur, Indiana are two nearby cities.
  2. New Haven, IN
  3. Van Wert, OH
  4. Fort Wayne, Indiana
  5. Celina, O.H.
  6. Huntington, IN
  7. Auburn, IN
  8. Wapakoneta, OH

What region is Decatur County in?

Decatur County is a county located in the state of Georgia, in the United States. There were 27,842 people living there at the time of the census in 2010. The city of Bainbridge is the county seat. Decatur County in Georgia

Decatur County
Seat bainbridge
Largest city bainbridge
Total 623 square miles (1,610 km2)

Is Decatur Indiana a good place to live?

Decatur Reviews. Decatur is a community that caters to families and therefore is a great place to raise a family. It is considered to be one of the safest places to reside in all of Indiana. The city is expanding and with that growth comes an increase in the number of opportunities available to its residents. Overall Decatur is a nice place to call home.

Who is Michael Myers from Decatur?

Evan Zimmerman, who plays the role of Michael Myers, has been acting in the role and dressed as the character since 2012. Evan’s wife, Sabrina, is the one who films him behind the camera and also gives him a hard time. for his jokes

What town in Indiana has a tree that grows outside the courthouse?

Due to the fact that trees sprout from the roof of its courthouse tower, Greensburg, Indiana occupies a place of distinction among world cities that is second to none. Around the early 1870s, locals began noticing what appeared to be a small bush growing on top of the northwest corner of the courthouse tower.

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Who is Decatur County named after?

Commodore Stephen Decatur, a naval hero of the War of 1812 (1812-15) who may be best remembered for his response to an 1816 toast in which he exclaimed ″Our nation!″ was honored with the naming of Decatur County .

How safe is Decatur?

When it comes to safety, Decatur is ranked in the 68th percentile, indicating that only 32% of cities are safer, while 68% of cities are more dangerous. In this investigation, only Decatur is considered within its official boundaries. Please refer to the table on adjacent locations provided below for information on surrounding cities.

  1. During a typical year, 20.26 crimes are committed in Decatur for every 1,000 city residents.

Is the municipality of Decatur safe?

Crime Activity Rates in the Township of Decatur The violent crime rate in Decatur was ranked 17.1, while the property crime rate was ranked 51.1 on a scale of 1 to 100, 1 being a little crime and 100 representing a severe crime. The national average for property crimes is 35.4 while the national average for violent crimes is 22.7.


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