Where Is Jonesboro, Indiana? – Town of Douglas, MA

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The city of Jonesboro is located in Grant County, Indiana, on the banks of the Mississinewa River, directly across from Gas City. The city has a total population of 1,887 inhabitants according to the census carried out in 2000.

What is the population of Jonesboro Indiana?

At the time of the 2010 census, 1,756 people lived there. According to the census completed in 2010, Jonesboro has the third fewest residents of any city in the state of Indiana. Obadiah Jones was the man responsible for founding Jonesboro in 1837, and the town was named after him.

Where is Jonesboro TN (NC) located on the map?

Jonesboro’s coordinates are 40 degrees 28 feet 46 inches North, 85 degrees 37 feet 47 inches West (or 40.47944 degrees North, 85.62972 degrees West) (40.479340, -85.629847). According to data provided by the United States Census Bureau, the city’s total area is 0.9 square miles (2.2 km2) in total.

What town is Jonesboro in Stranger Things?

/ 40.47944°N 85.62972°W / 40.47944; -85.62972 The town of Jonesboro is referenced in the fourth episode of the first season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things, which is titled ″Chapter 4: The Body″. The show takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

When is the special emergency session of the Jonesboro City Council?

  • On Monday, September 27, 2021, at 6 p.m., the Jonesboro City Council will meet in an Emergency Special Session to address an issue that has arisen.
  • In this meeting we are going to speak and vote on the Certified Actions of the Local Income Tax.
  • That will be the goal of this meeting.
  • This meeting will take place at 414 South Main Street, if anyone is interested in attending.
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Is Jonesboro Indiana a good place to live?

Jonesboro Reviews It is a great and safe place to raise a family. Also, the educational system is wonderful and is really helpful and accommodating to children who have specific needs and dietary allergies.

Is Jonesboro in a town or city?

Jonesboro is a city located on Crowley’s Ridge in the upper northeastern part of the state of Arkansas in the United States. Craighead County has two different cities that serve as the county seat, and Jonesboro is one of them. The city had a total population of 78,576 residents as of the census completed in 2020, making it the seventh largest city in the state of Arkansas.

What percentage of Jonesboro is black?

Demographics of Jonesboro 71.84% of the population is white. 20.04 percent of people are black or African American.

What is Jonesboro known for?

Additionally, Jonesboro is referred to as the ″City of Churches″. Between the years of 1911 and 1916, the First Baptist Church and the First Methodist Church were established in the city, making them two of the oldest churches in the city. Jonesboro, Arkansas became the location of a regional agricultural training school that was founded in 1909 by the Arkansas legislature.

Is Jonesboro rural?

The estimated population for 2019 is 78,394 (94% urban, 6% rural). Postal codes: 72401, 72404, 72467.

Why do they call it Gas City Indiana?

  • At that time, there were only 150 people living there.
  • The city’s name, ″Gas City″, might lead one to believe that it was given this nickname because of the seemingly endless supply of natural gas.
  • The pressure at the wellheads ranged from 300 to 350 pounds per square inch (psi).
  • Because people were under the impression that there was an endless supply, they wasted a lot of gasoline and didn’t bother to save it.
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Why is it called Gas City?

The history of Gas City It got its name from the large amounts of natural gas that were discovered there in 1887. Noah Harris established the city, and in 1867 it was officially established. On March 21, 1892, the Gas City Land Company was organized, and just a few days later, the city was renamed as it is known today.

What is being built in Gas City Indiana?

  • – An auditorium is on its way to Gas City, which has been waiting for quite some time for this amenity.
  • On Tuesday, the city of Mississinewa and the Mississinewa Community School Corporation jointly announced plans to build a $10 million community center.
  • The center will have an auditorium with 1,200 seats, a meeting room with a capacity of 300 people and a kitchen designed for commercial use.


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