Where To Stay In Indianapolis Indiana?

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Staybridge Suites Indianapolis Downtown-Convention Center is an IHG hotel, TownePlace Suites by Marriott Indianapolis Downtown is also an IHG hotel, and Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Indianapolis Dtn-Conv Ctr Area is also an IHG hotel. These three hotels are among the best places to stay in Indianapolis, in close proximity to Lucas Oil Stadium.

Is it safe to stay in downtown Indianapolis?

In general, Indianapolis is a very safe city, and this includes the central business district. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to your possessions and your surroundings.

What is the best area in Indianapolis?

  1. Indianapolis’ Top 10 Neighborhoods, Listed in Order Located in the heart of Indianapolis. Downtown Indianapolis is sometimes referred to as Mile Square, and for good reason: The area is packed with martini bars, art exhibits, restaurants, local festivals, and more events than anyone could keep up with.
  2. Wide Range Ripple
  3. Castleton.
  4. brockton
  5. lakes in the willows
  6. crooked stream.
  7. Bay view.
  8. willow north

Is it worth visiting Indianapolis?

Despite its size, Indianapolis is packed with things to see and do. Some of the city’s most popular attractions, like the State Fairgrounds, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, may take a bit of driving on your part to get to, but the trip will be worth it.

What is the trendiest neighborhood in Indianapolis?

The coolest neighborhood in Indianapolis is undoubtedly Fountain Square. It’s a short ride to the city center or an easy bike ride along the city’s cultural trail from this location, which is next to the city center.

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Is Indianapolis a walkable city?

With 820,445 residents, Indianapolis ranks as the 47th most walkable large city in the United States. Although the city offers some public transportation, there are not many bike lanes in Indianapolis. Downtown, Fountain Square, and Broad Ripple are the three areas of Indianapolis that are most easily accessible on foot.


Is it safe to walk around Indianapolis?

In fact, it is very risk-free. Walk, jog, or even ride a Segway along the Central Canal when you visit. Indy makes it easy to use Uber.

Is Indianapolis safe?

Is it risky to go out at night in Indianapolis? Only one percent of cities in Indiana and two percent of cities in the United States are safer than Indianapolis. Even though the city itself has a somewhat higher crime rate, the Indianapolis metro area is home to a large number of safe neighborhoods and suburbs that have lower crime rates.

What is the safest zip code in Indianapolis?

  1. 46032 is the best zip code in all of Indiana and is located in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.
  2. 46037 is the zip code for the state of Indiana
  3. 46033 is the zip code for the state of Indiana
  4. Lawrence Township Metropolitan School District School District
  5. school District
  6. 46038 is the zip code for the state of Indiana
  7. 46077 is the zip code for the state of Indiana
  8. 46074 is the zip code for the state of Indiana
  9. 46280 is the zip code for the state of Indiana

What are the three major cities in Indiana?

  1. Largest cities Indianapolis: 887,642
  2. 263,886 people live in Fort Wayne
  3. Evansville: 117,298
  4. 103,453 residents in South Bend
  5. Carmel: 99,757
  6. There are 98,977 fishermen
  7. Bloomington: 79,168
  8. 77,879 residents in Hammond
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What is the number one attraction in Indiana?

1. The Eiteljorg Museum of Western and American Indian Art in Indianapolis. Located in Indiana. In the heart of Indiana’s capital city, you’ll find the Eiteljorg Museum of Western and American Indian Art right next to the entrance to White River State Park. It is the home of the extraordinary collection presented by Harrison Eiteljorg, a successful businessman in Indianapolis.

What is the best time to visit Indianapolis?

The conclusion of the spring season or the beginning of the fall season is when you should plan your trip to Indianapolis. This time of year, the weather is nicer, and you’ll have the chance to make the most of everything the city has to offer, from its museums and burgeoning restaurant scene to its parks and outdoor concert venues.

What food is Indianapolis famous for?

  1. Learn about one of Indianapolis’ most iconic foods, the pork tenderloin sandwich. Image courtesy of jeffreyw. on Flickr
  2. Cocktail made with shrimp. A shrimp cocktail is a simple appetizer consisting of cold, cooked shrimp and a tomato-based horseradish sauce.
  3. Meat hamburger.
  4. Reuben.
  5. Served with waffles and chicken.
  6. It’s a Dutch baby.
  7. Sugar cream cake.
  8. Scottish butter tart

Is Indianapolis a fun city?

  • It’s no coincidence that the Indianapolis Colts play their home games at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis throughout the NFL season.
  • Downtown Indianapolis is extremely diversified with a wide variety of entertainment and dining options.
  • This community takes great pride in their athletic teams and, in typical Hoosier fashion, they invite everyone to come out and play with them.
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Is Indianapolis a fun city?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – According to a new study by WalletHub, Indianapolis is one of the most exciting cities in the United States. The analysis looked at more than 180 different communities in the United States and compared them using 66 important variables, such as the number of open breweries and gyms per capita.

Is Indianapolis a nice city?

  • The city of Indianapolis is a fantastic vacation destination.
  • But the things that make Indianapolis such a wonderful destination to visit also make it a great place to call home.
  • Circle City is home to the world’s largest children’s museum, plus professional and college sports teams, and miles and miles of recreational trails.
  • The city offers a wide variety of entertainment options for its residents.


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