Windows 10 Now Runs on More Than 1.3 Billion Monthly Active Devices

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When Microsoft initially released Windows 10 in 2015, the company stated that it expects one billion devices to run the new Windows operating system by summer 2018. However, the Redmond giant achieved this goal a little later, in March 2020. , when the company reported that Windows 10 powers one billion devices worldwide. Microsoft announced today that the number has increased to 1.3 billion devices.

300 million new Windows 10 users in one year

During its first quarter2022 earnings call, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 now powers more than 1.3 billion monthly active devices worldwide. The company gained more than 300 million new Windows 10 users, since crossing the 1 billion mark in 2022.

Now, one of the main reasons for the growth of Windows 10 users is the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because, since the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, the world’s population has purchased more Windows PCs than ever before to aid in their work-from-home experiences.

Microsoft CFO Amy Hood said demand for Windows 10 PCs has been quite strong despite a global chip shortage, as consumers now seek larger screen devices to work remotely from their homes. . This, according to a company official, helped Microsoft realize $ 41.7 billion in revenue during the third quarter of 2020.

Additionally, Microsoft officials say that Windows OEM revenue increased 10% during the quarter. This was due to the increased demand for consumer PCs. Windows OEM Pro revenue, on the other hand, was down 2% during the quarter. However, Windows OEM Pro revenue was huge during the same quarter of 2019 due to the end of support for Windows 7. So a mere 2% drop is not a cause for concern for the company.

So as you can imagine, these are some pretty decent numbers for Microsoft in terms of revenue and OS adoption rate. In addition, according to previous reports, the Redmond giant plans to fully review Windows 10 this year and could also finally launch its long-awaited Windows 10X operating system for consumers.

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