WordPress Will Disable Google’s FLoC Ad Tracking on Websites

WordPress to automatically block Google FLoC feat. min

Earlier this year, Google Announced to test a new ad tracking technology called FLoC to replace third-party cookies on websites currently used by advertisers for interest-based advertising. However, following the announcement, many privacy advocates began to voice concerns about the new privacy risks that Google’s new ad tracking system brings. Now the content management giant WordPress has Announced what It will also automatically block Google’s FLoC on websites..

For the uninitiated, Google introduced the new Federated Learning Cohort (FLoC) system in the name of building a more privacy-focused web advertising system for businesses. Also, if it becomes a standard in the market, it will eventually replace third-party cookies on most websites.

So the new system sounds good to users and businesses. However, it comes with new security issues that may not fit well with the privacy concerns of users and security experts in today’s world. You can refer to our detailed article on why you should block Google’s FLoC from the corresponding link. You can also learn more about the privacy risks of the FLoC system.

WordPress sees Google’s FLoC as a “security problem”

Citing privacy risks, WordPress has announced that it will treat Google’s new FLoC system as a “Concern for safety”. As a result, it will automatically deactivate such a system on the websites under its umbrella, which is equivalent to 41% of the websites on the Internet.

The CMS organization stated that it will include an additional four-line code (screenshot attached below) to block Google’s FLoC on websites. This will cause blogging websites to issue an HTTP request telling the browser to disable FloC for sites.

WordPress to automatically block Google FLoC

According to WordPress, those administrators who want to participate in the enablement of the new FLoC system for their websites can do so by overriding the previous code. However, the main concern of the organization is for those websites that are unaware of this new tracking technology and will automatically opt for it without fully understanding it. Therefore, the automatic deactivation of Google’s new FLoC system will be useful for such websites.

Regarding availability, WordPress states that the new code is planned to be released with the next version of WordPress 5.8. This will be released sometime in July2022, according to the organization.

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