How to install Xiaomi USB Drivers[ Best Methods]

Xiaomi USB Drivers are a link between the computer’s operating system and Xiaomi’s Android phones, which basically helps in transferring media files to and from the computer to the android device. This article provides you with all the information related to Xiaomi USB Drivers and how to install them. Let’s Begin.

Xiaomi USB Drivers

What are the USB drivers?

Drivers are small files that help software to connect one Operating System with the other OS of the phone. They are of 2 types, ADB and USB drivers. These help in processes such as upgrading, resetting, or editing some root settings or even simple settings in your USB-connected devices. USB drivers are OEM specific, which means, every manufacturer will provide its drivers for a specific device. Drivers help in interacting with the device. Should download only drivers specific to the device.

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Difference between ADB Drivers and USB Drivers

ADB drivers

USB Driver is used in flashing ROMS or stock firmware on your Xiaomi device.

ADB driver is used in connecting your phone to your PC.

USB drivers are required when modifying the software versions, or flashing ROMS or simply rooting your phone.

ADB drivers are required to simply control your device via PC. Using this you can copy files, install and uninstall software, etcetera.

Xiaomi USB Driver

Drivers may be OS-specific. Here we will be talking about the drivers for Windows devices when using it to connect to Xiaomi devices. Will be talking about Win 10, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 8.1. Xiaomi drivers is a software which helps in creating a connection with Xiaomi’s smartphone and Windows PC. Drivers are required during upgrading the device or for performing any kind of development on the device. If we are using Win and Xiaomi devices, we will be guiding you throughout the process on How to Install the drivers and use it for the development process. Remember, download the drivers only from the official website of the manufacturer or improper/incompatible drivers may brick your device.

Download Links for Drivers

Download the drivers by clicking on the links, according to your requirement.

Xiaomi Drivers ( CDC ) For Win 7 and above. For Mediatek processors

Xiaomi Drivers ( VCOM ) For Win 7 and above. For Mediatek processors

Xiaomi USB Drivers ( Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors) For Win 7 and above.

Installation Guide For Xiaomi USB Driver

Follow these simple steps:

  • Download the drivers from the above links and place them in a folder where it is easy to find them.

  • Locate and Extract the file you just downloaded.

  • Double click on the .exe file and install the software.

  • Select RUN or Yes, if any kind of warning appears.

  • Select Language, then click on Next.

  • Let the entire installation process complete itself.

  • Now the drivers have been installed and now you will be able to connect Xiaomi devices with your Windows PC.

Use Cases of Xiaomi Drivers

The first and foremost use of Xiaomi drivers is to simply connect the Xiaomi PC suite to perform a plethora of functionalities from within the software.

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Other use cases of installing Xiaomi USB Drivers are, installing new firmware, upgrading the existing OS, rooting your phone, or Unlocking OEM lock to perform operations such as bypassing the lock screen.

Once all the drivers are installed completely, you can now easily use your Xiaomi PC Official Suite software. Alternatively, you can also use Moborobo for all your other android works. It will help in managing your Android Device.


So this was our short tutorial and info on the Xiaomi USB driver. I hope you liked it. If you have any confusion, do comment them down. Share this article with your friends who want to install Xiaomi USB Drivers or even simply want to install and use Xiaomi PC Suite. Keep reading!

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