You Can Now Teach Google Assistant How to Pronounce Names Correctly

Google Assistant Gains Ability to Learn Name Pronunciation feat. min

Google Voice Assistant The Google Assistant is one of the most popular and trusted digital assistants on the market. Between competitions like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, the Google Assistant offers a great advantage for Android users due to its integration with other Google applications and services. Recently, Google expanded the Driving Mode in the Google Assistant in India. Now with a new update, the Mountain View giant lets users teach the Google Assistant how to pronounce difficult names.

Now even though the Wizard can easily rap Eminem’s Godzilla, he has a lot of difficulties with naming. So if you are someone who uses the Google Assistant to make a call or send a message, you may be familiar with the situation where the digital assistant simply cannot pronounce your friend or colleague’s name correctly and then turn, can not find the contact. . This gets quite frustrating and renders the function useless for the specific task.

Teach the Google Assistant how to pronounce names

Citing this problem, the company recently released an update for the Google Assistant, including a new feature that allows users to teach the voice assistant how to pronounce names correctly. The company shared a video showing the feature, which you can watch below.

So, as you can see, the function resides within the Google Assistant app. To access it, you must go to open that application, touch the icon of your profile in the upper right corner and touch “You”. Here, you will find the default pronunciation of your name in the “Nickname” section and the default pronunciation of your contacts’ names in the “Your people” section.

From there, you can now replace the default pronunciation of your name or that of any of your contacts by recording your own voice and pronouncing the name correctly. The Google Assistant will take your voice for reference and correct itself to pronounce the name next time.

Apart from this, Google also implemented a few more features for its Assistant. This includes error detection that will allow the wizard to detect an error in your sentence while setting an alarm or timer. For example, if you say “Ok Google, set an alarm for nine … no, no, eight o’clock”, the Assistant will accept it without any problem. In addition, you can cancel specific timers and alarms between several of them more easily.


Now, according to Google, the new Google Assistant features are currently being rolled out to Google’s English smart speakers in the US In the future, the company will soon expand them to smart phones and displays.

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