YouTube Adds New Video Resolution Options to Help Users Reduce Data Usage

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After allowing users to rename their YouTube channel without changing their Google account name, YouTube has made a significant change to the video resolution settings in its iOS and Android app. YouTube has started to implement advanced video resolution options in the YouTube application. They automatically set a video resolution based on data usage.

As a result, after the update, users will not get the usual resolution options of 720p, 1080p or 4K in the YouTube app on Android and iOS. Instead, there will be advanced options like higher image quality and data saving that will set a video resolution automatically, depending on a user’s data usage.

New video resolution options on YouTube

According to YouTube, this is intended to simplify video resolution selection in their app and help non-tech savvy users select the option that best suits their data needs. So, as you can imagine, it will be similar to the Disney + Hotstar and Prime Video resolution selection options, which include high, medium and low settings.

new youtube resolution options

However, unlike such platforms, YouTube, in addition to a “superior image quality” mode and a “data saving” mode, also offers an “Advanced” option that allows users to choose a specific video resolution. like before.

Now, the new resolution options will allow users to configure the resolution of a video that they are currently watching. However, the changes do not apply to the other videos. However, users can set a default video resolution for all videos by heading to “Settings -> Video Quality Preferences” in the YouTube app. There are options to set default video resolutions for Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

youtube video quality settings

Also, the “higher picture quality” mode sets the resolution of a video to 720p or higher and is more suitable for when using a Wi-Fi network. In contrast, the “data saver” option maximizes the video resolution to 480p and uses as little data as possible.


YouTube’s new video resolution options are being rolled out via a server-side update. As a result, updating your YouTube app will not necessarily bring these new options to your device. I updated the YouTube app on my iPhone XR but didn’t see the new resolution options, but Android users can force close the app and clear the cache to test this feature right away.

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