YouTube Starts Testing New ‘Timed Comments’ Feature

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After adding new video resolution options to its mobile app, YouTube has now started testing a new feature related to the commenting feature on the platform. Although details are scant as of now, we only know that the feature will allow users to view timed comments on videos.

YouTube recently announced the feature on its YouTube Test Features and Experiments community thread. The company says the new timed comment feature “It allows you to see the comments timed at the exact moment that you are seeing in a video.”

From what we understand, this feature will allow users to view comments that contain timestamps of the current video using the ‘Scheduled Beta’ rating option for comments. This way, users will be able to quickly see who scrolled down to make a certain comment at a certain point in the video. So as you can imagine it will be like an additional filter in the rating tool which currently includes the “Top Comments” filter and the “Newest First” filters.

YouTube timed comment feature

Therefore, those who have access to the experimental feature will now see a new “Scheduled Beta” option in the comment rating tool in the YouTube app on iOS and Android. However, the option is currently only available for some videos and a select few users. None of us in Beebom’s office appear to be part of the experiment. The company will collect feedback from users who have access to the trial feature, and if they are positive, they will consider rolling out the feature to the masses.

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